Brand: Courvoisier  

Courvoisier Cognac Extra Collection ERTE No. 1 -8 (700ml)
This collection has been created in collaboration with Mr Erte (famous Art Deco Master in France and USA in the 30') who designed 7 carafes representing 7 steps of the cognac-making process : Vine, Harvest, Distillation, Ageing, Tasting, Spirit of Cognac, Angels' share. Each bottle has been produced in 12000 units (numbered). One bottle was launched every year between 1988 and 1994. It is a Grande Champagne blend (best area in the cognac delimited region) with a cognac of 1892, date of Mr Erte's birth, with an average of 60 years of ageing. Another bottle called ""Inedit"" has been launched in 1995 as a tribute to Mr Erte's life and work (he died in 1990). Only 4000 units have been produced. The design on the bottle is the first one that Mr Erte created for the Vigne bottle, but censored at that time on the American market because the girl on the draw was half nude.

No. 1 (Vigne)

No. 2 (Vendanges)

No. 3 (Distillation)

No. 4 (Vieillissement)

No. 5 (Degustation)

No. 6 (L'Esprit du Cognac)

No. 7 (La Part des Anges)

No. 8 (Inedit)