Brand: Camus  

Camus Coganc Jubileel, Baccarat Crystal decanter, Christmas-tree-like bottle, 700ml
As the name of this cognac (Jubilee) implies, it was created to mark a festive event - the fiftieth anniversary of the House of Camus. Since then the presence of Camus Vieille Jubilee at anniversaries and celebrations has become a sign of good taste. In 1913 Edmond Camus thought up the blend from the oldest cognacs in the House's collection, part of which had been poured into casks back in the 19th century. The Camus Vieille Jubilee has the clearly defined mature aromas of leather and slightly smoky wood cedar and its taste contains hints of oak and honey followed by a sophisticated dry aftertaste. The drink is bottled in avant-garde crystal decanters by Baccarat and designed by Serge Mancau.